EYSE is the WiFi-connected, companion that lets you share and experience extraordinary moments in live, real 3D vision, sound & motion. You can take EYSE anywhere - on all of your adventures. EYSE has twin cameras that capture simultaneous videos from two perspectives to create an immersive 3D experience for the remote viewer over a direct WiFi connection. EYSE also has bi-directional audio and sends inertial and motion data to the viewer, giving them an immersive 'in the moment' experience of all the action.

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Two high definition cameras.

EYSE has two HD, 5 Mega-pixel cameras (upgradeable to 13 Mega-pixel) that record simultaneously for a dual-perspective video and an undistorted field of view. Micro-gimbal mechanisms regulate camera motion and improve image stability. Cameras pivot with 110 degrees of motion within the eye-sockets.

VR headset compatible.

EYSE will work with virtual reality headsets. The EYSE Beta Kit includes a headset that will be compatible with Android and iOS Phones. Experience a live, real-time 3D feed from an EYSE or playback a recorded 3D movie on your smartphone. Just slide the smartphone into a headset to view. Experience real-time 3D video and audio to put yourself in the moment without physically being there!.

Swappable covers

Choose different covers, or customize the colors so your EYSE is unique.

GPS capable

EYSE has twin GPS units (active and passive), for better location tracking and reliability/redundancy. Matching or outperforming top of the line smartphones and tablets.

Custom LED colors

LED drivers to indicate states including active, charging and more. Change the color LED on demand using the EYSE app.

Remote monitoring

Look, listen and speak through EYSE.

Wireless charging.

Uses two Li-ion batteries or rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Hot-swap the batteries out in the field without turning the EYSE off. Works with any standard Qi induction charger.