Motion Graphics Designer

Job description

TechJect Innovations and TechJect Inc. are looking for an energetic, focussed and passionate Digital Motion Graphics and 3D animation expert.

Design References: (Cinema 4D) (Maya Autodesk)

The ideal candidate will be a well-rounded Motion Graphics Designer with excellent rendering skills and be a master at creating 3D and CGi projects. Candidate must be proficient in one ore more among: Maya, Cinema 4D or 3D Studio max.

Mechanical Engineer who is a self-starter and can work under time pressure towards successfully completing and demonstrating project based tasks to the managers through creative solutions, live physical demonstration backed with detailed procedural documentation and self-explanatory presentations for the team.




  1. 6 WEEK TARGET: The candidate will need to successfully complete and demonstrate 3 full 3D animation and animatronics designs, developed from scratch involving Design, art, motion graphics, 2D graphics and animation for 3 of the company's top products.

  2. 12 WEEK TARGET: The candidate will need to carry forward and innovate matching competitive product showcases to succeed in the growing market and competitors.1 complete and successful product launch that will be used for online marketing and sales.

  3. 6 MONTH TARGET: The candidate will be required to complete a minimum of 3 complete product show cases and 12 different launch product demonstrations as in the TARGET 1

  4. 1 YEAR TARGET: The canddiate is required to present to team in the United States a full show case along with their team in India a full portfolio of 24 total unique product demonstrations and 12 total product show cases.



  1. Availalbe to work in India (preferably in Gurgaon / Delhi)

  2. Must be able to provide a comprehensive portfolio of Motion Graphics and 3D animation. Portfolio is a minimum requirement prior to a phone interview.








Minimum Criteria:

  1. B.S. Degree or Equivalent in Computer Graphics, Fine Art or a relevant fields

  2. % Score in Bachelors: 70% or higher. In case of foreign education: 3.25/4.00 or higher

  3. Minimum 3+ Years of hands-on Industry experience in Motion Graphics development in startup like environments

  4. 0+ Years acceptable but with exceptional Hands-On Project work during B.S. Degree (at minimum 10 different animation projects that would need to be shown and created live during the technical interview round)

  5. Comprehensive work portfolio and strong technical skills, thorough proficiency in multimedia software

  6. Strong time/project management skills & the desire to grow with the organization

  7. Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects; FinalCutPro; Cinema 4D, Maya or Motion a plus

  8. Result oriented design attitude and leadership skills

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Prepare design plan, concept and layout for motion graphic projects

  • Design and create enticing motion graphics for video deliverables

  • Select audio, video, colors, animation, etc for graphic design.

  • Design, composite and animate complex motion graphics and edit video for television and multiple platforms

  • Design and create storyboards

  • Participate in brainstorming session to share new design perspectives and ideas

  • Maintain and follow best practices for versioning control, naming convention and organization of graphic files

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge about latest graphic design techniques

  • Develop company guidelines and design standards

  • Brainstorm with team members to find the best solution for each project

  • Will work concurrently on multiple projects within aggressive timelines

  • Must be able to take on a delegated tasks with a minimum of supervision

  • Strong skills in organization, communication and problem solving

  • Able to take direction and feedback with professionalism and flexibility

  • Knoledge and Grasp of CAD in Solidworks and/or ProE and/or Autodesk.

  • Grasp of manufacturing, wiring, assembly, fixture design, electronics integration for robots and small machines. Experience in designing and working with Flying Robots is a plus (but not required)

  • Background & Experience in Rapid Prototyping, Machining (Mills, Lathes, Cutting, Soldering), Assembling plastic and metal parts.

  • Must have and share a portfolio of work samples and products developed prior to a phone interview.

  • Excellent skills in communicating with vendors, contractors, team mates, managers, engineers, project managers, account managers.

  • Good grasp of Physics, Modeling, Free Body Diagrams, Free-hand Drawing

  • Must be willing and thrive working in a dynamic, start-up company environment

  • Must be willing to travel if needed to visit vendors, manufacturers, designers etc.

  • Must have excellent oral communication Skills; Must be a fluent English speaker and be confident in Brainstorming, discussing ideas, presenting their work to team mates, clients, managers

  • Must be a Team Player, and have a positive outlook to engineering and product development; most of our team is engineers and are passionate about their work and are versatile enough to take on varying assignments

  • Result Oriented! Efficiency and Timeliness is an ingrained aptitude of the candidate. The candidate has excellent understanding of their capabilities, skills and can work under schedules, timelines and be open in communicating with managers and team-members to "get the job done" on time. Must be well versed in Microsoft Office, MS Powerpoint, MS Word etc.

  • Should be willing to work in a focused, very fast paced, young atmosphere and be able to guide, mentor and manage sub-ordinate designers, interns and other team-members