Web Developer

Job description




Must have a comprehensive portfolio of work samples and projects submitted prior to phone interview.


Must have 5-10 years of comprehensive work experience in the industry towards commercial product offerings.


POSITION DESCRIPTION: TechJect is a cross-disciplinary Robotics Startup with focus on serving markets in Micro Robotics, Software Development, Smart User-Interfaces, Mechanics, Aerospace, Avionics, Embedded Systems and more. The position is for TechJect Innovations (P) Ltd. based out of India and will be in collaboration with TechJect Inc. based out of United States.

Senior Web Developer has the exciting job of making Artistic and Designer custom websites, user-interfaces. Senior Developer. will work on developing creative and outstanding visual user interfaces for customers, clients and users of technologies developed by the company. The Senior Developer will work on websites which are Smartphone compatible (Smartphones, Tablets, etc), C# and other PC based UI development software, Websites and more

Native Typing Proficiency and Dictation Typing Expertise (minimum 65 WPM), Developer needs to be an Excellent Programmer first! He needs to be able to script very fast and be very quick to think on his feet to debug issues, problems, software glitches and more





Minimum Criterion

       a) B.S. Degree or Equivalent with minimum of 70% marks on final transcripts

       b) 5-10 Years of hands-on industry experience in Professional Web Development, Software Development and Android Development

       c) Strong time/project management skills & the desire to grow with the organization

       d) Result oriented design attitude and leadership skills

Desired Skills and Experience

Senior Developer will be experienced in multiple of the below skills

  • Typing Proficiency of minimum of 65 words per minute (WPM). Test will be conducted.

  • Web-based Development: Strong Knowledge in PhP, MySQL, Javascripts (Essential), .js, WordPress

  • Android Development experience required (websites and apps)

  • Graphic User Interfaces on PCs, Smartphone, Android OS, iOS – Gaming interface development (preferred but not required)

  • Good grasp of Java/Android programming and coding/scripting skills

  • C#, .NET development expertise

  • Excellent past experience and native familiarity with WordPress Plugins and designing beautiful but professional websites

  • iOS devlopment (preferred, but not necessary)

  • JAVASCRIPT Expertise Required

  • C, C++ experience